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Why Oral Hygiene Should be a Priority for Your Child

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If more parents watched out for their children’s teeth as if they were permanent teeth, we would tend to fewer cases of worn-down teeth in the teenage years and adulthood. The habits established in a child’s early years most often follow them into adulthood, and the state of baby teeth is often a signal of how adult teeth will be. Learn a tiny bit further about watching out for your child’s baby teeth below, and arrange your child’s next cleaning with us at your earliest convenience.

Although baby teeth do fall out, they are still very imperative to the oral hygiene of children. Even though they will fall out, baby teeth should be kept protected and treated diligently. Since the baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth, the formation of the adult teeth can be altered if the baby teeth fall out early. So believe it or not, a little baby tooth lost prematurely can lead to realignment and orthodontic services during the teenage years and adulthood.

To help keep baby teeth solid, make sure you’re not giving your baby too much sugar. This means you shouldn’t be dipping binkies in sugar or filling bottles with soda or juice. Bring your child into our practice for a special cleaning and examination before their first birthday to help keep their oral hygiene on track.

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