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Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry – What Is Comprehensive Care Anyway?

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Patients always ask about Comprehensive Dentistry. It’s one of those important-sounding phrases, but what does it mean?

Comprehensive Dentistry refers to a modern approach to examining a patient’s dental needs through the lens of all dental specialties. In many cases, patients have options when it comes to taking care of their needs and in some cases, ideal treatment involves multiple dental specialties. This doesn’t necessarily require that one dentist performs all these specialties, but it does require that one dentist takes the lead for planning and directing the progress of the case. Think of that dentist as the quarterback, calling the plays for the team of specialists. This is what we do here.

Another aspect of Comprehensive Dentistry is the fact that there are different ways of treating patient problems. Some ways are more ideal from the perspective of the end result. Those ideal treatment plans can often involve more than one dental specialty. For example, years of wear and tear on the front teeth can shorten them and cause them to drift from their original position. An ideal option often involves orthodontics to move the teeth back into position and then repairing the wear using ceramic restorations.

In my opinion, a comprehensive approach is best. It allows me to be able to discuss with patients all of their options along with the associated advantages and disadvantages. Only a well-informed patient can make a good choice in their oral care. If you feel like there is a dental issue that needs attention, call the office to schedule an appointment so you can become well-informed yourself!