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Extraordinary dental care is often seen in facilities that present innovative technology to their patients— and at Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry, “extraordinary” is an understatement. Known for being at the forefront of dental technological advances, the clinic’s revolutionary Dental Pain Eraser exemplifies their commitment to ensuring their patients’ utmost comfort during dental procedures, conclusively transforming potentially unpleasant experiences to pain-free encounters.


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dental technology


The Dental Pain Eraser is a state-of-the-art tool employed by Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry to eradicate the fear commonly associated with dental procedures due to anticipated pain. This cutting-edge device allows for a virtually painless administration of anesthesia, providing patients with an easing comfort that is typically absent during conventional needle applications.

The Dental Pain Eraser is a remarkable device that releases sub-sensory electrical stimulations, which lead to what is scientifically known as neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is a phenomenal treatment process that comes into action as a result of the modification of nerve activities. As the Dental Pain Eraser dispatches these mild electrical signals to a predetermined body region, the impulses generated have the remarkable ability to impede the release of specific substances, such as neurotransmitters, as well as other factors that are discharged by tissues in response to traumatic events. This unique capability effectively hinders the nerves from transmitting pain signals. This interesting dynamic has astounding therapeutic benefits for the patient. By temporary blocking or “shutting down” pain signals, patients experience significant pain relief, leading to comfort and ease in dental treatments.


dental technology
dental technology


Stepping into Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry equates to stepping into the future of dentistry. Their commitment to superior patient care is palpitantly reflected in their incorporation of leading-edge innovations such as the Dental Pain Eraser. This devotion to comfort, combined with their comprehensive range of expert dental services, sets them apart as a dental practice of distinction, and a sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful, painless dental care experience.


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