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Enhance Your Smile with Mouth Healthy Food Diets

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Did you know that the foods and drinks you eat can not only damage your smile, but some can help strengthen it? Various minerals in certain foods actually have the power to help remineralize your teeth and build a strong smile for a safer summer. To learn more about healthy food choices, please read the following:

– Crunchy and watery foods including apples and pears act similar to saliva in your mouth and can help to wash away bacteria and food particles.

– One of the most beneficial oral health ingredients is naturally produced by your mouth in the form of saliva. Saliva can wash away bacteria and food residue and even help to nullify harmful acids that seek to wear down your tooth enamel. Search for foods that help promote the existence of saliva in your mouth. After mealtime, try chewing sugarless gum to help spur on saliva production.

– Calcium and phosphorus have been proven to be effective at strengthening your tooth enamel and keeping your teeth nice and strong. Foods and drinks that feature an abundance of these minerals include a wide assortment of cheeses and nuts, milk, and some meats, especially chicken.

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