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Consistent Oral Hygiene Habits Contribute to Preserving Good Oral Health

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The American Dental Association was found to help the American population maintain good oral health throughout the course of their lives. This includes preventative measures like brushing your teeth each morning and evening, as well as making a consistent effort to thoroughly floss your teeth at least once each day.

The effectiveness of this daily oral hygiene routine is further augmented by regular attendance of your routine dental checkups at the dental offices of Adam Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry.

When brushing your teeth the ADA use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoridated toothpaste formulated with mild abrasives. This will help remove plaque and food residue from the faces of your teeth while maintaining the strength of your tooth enamel.

The ideal brushing technique focuses on cleaning one tooth at a time in a small circular motion. You should expect it to take roughly two to three minutes to fully brush both sets of teeth.

When flossing, make sure to clean between each of your teeth, as well as behind your last molars, and along the gumline. Waxed dental floss might also help you insert the strand between tightly spaced teeth.

Your regularly scheduled dental checkups with Dr. Adam Vitelli and his associates if also critical maintaining healthy teeth, and gums, as well as detecting any other oral health concerns.

If you live in Germantown, Maryland, and you have an oral health concern, you can always call 301-972-1400 to schedule a dental checkup at the dental offices of Adam Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry.