Dental Implant Placement Basics as a Step-by-Step Process

If you have ever lost a tooth, you might have more than just a gap between your teeth. If a lost tooth is not replaced, the bone in the jaw that supported the lost tooth starts to deteriorate. That’s because when you chew your food, there’s no more stimulation to... Read more »

Enamel-Friendly Foods for Your Teeth

When it comes to protecting your teeth, your first line of defense against tooth decay and cavities is tooth enamel, as it is the outermost covering that protects the more vulnerable dentin and tooth pulp below. Your enamel comes equipped for the job as the hardest substance in your body.... Read more »

JOIN US! At the Montgomery County Fairgrounds

Join Us! We will be offering FREE Oral ID Cancer Screenings @ the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on August 14th, 2018! Call our office if you have any questions, or need more information on the Event! We hope to see you there!!!! 301-972-1400!        

How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

When you come in for dental exams and we have cleaned your teeth and gum line and removed any hardened plaque, our dentist can look at them for any signs of trouble, such as cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings, and evaluate your risk rate of certain diseases which... Read more »

Why Should I Rinse My Mouth?

Rinsing with mouthwash can be very beneficial for your teeth, gums and smile, which is why our dentist, Dr. Adam Vitelli, strongly recommends rinsing daily. Rinsing with antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash can give you the top-notch smile and oral health you need. To help you better understand, our dentist is... Read more »

Aspects of a Super Smile: Knowing the Risks of Gum Disease

You may be at risk for periodontal disease and not even know it. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is an infection of your gum tissue. To help keep your smile safe, set forth effective risk factor prevention plans. Here's a list of some of the common risk factors... Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: The Facts You Should Know

Root canal treatment is a top-notch restorative dental treatment our dentist, Dr. Adam Vitelli, is thrilled to offer at Vitelli Comprehensive Dentistry. This treatment can help you, your teeth and your smile in a myriad of ways. To help you know all about root canal treatment in Germantown, Maryland, our... Read more »

Fact Sheets and FAQs

AGD-FactSheet-Wisdom-Teeth AGD-FactSheet-Tooth-Trauma AGD-FactSheet-Teenage-Oral-Health AGD-FactSheet-Tobacco AGD-FactSheet-Root-Canal-Therapy AGD-FactSheet-Periodontal-Disease AGD-FactSheet-Oral-Cancer (1) AGD-FactSheet-Oral-Hygiene AGD-FactSheet-Implants (1) AGD-FactSheet-Nutrition AGD-FactSheet-Erosion AGD-FactSheet-Dentures AGD-FactSheet-Childrens-Oral-Health AGD-FactSheet-Bruxism AGD-FactSheet-Bridges (1) AGD-FactSheet-Anxiety (1) AGD-FactSheet-Allergic-Reactions AGD-FactSheet-Allergies AGD-FactSheet-Aging AGD-FactSheet-Acid-Reflux

Learning More About Composite Fillings

Nobody ever said that keeping your smile safe was going to be easy. The truth is that there are several risks in your life that can do damage to your teeth and gums. Even if you are extremely effective in one aspect of your oral health, you could be suffering... Read more »

All About the Facts of Dental Sealants

Are you interested in having a top-notch smile? If so, dental sealants are your friend. Dental sealants can help your teeth in many ways. This is why your dentist, Dr. Adam Vitelli, encourages you to use dental sealants. To help you understand why and to help you know more about... Read more »